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The Serving Leader Tool Guides Vision

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The Serving Leader's Guide to Effective Meetings

Do you have the skills and Christian character it takes to lead effective meetings?

Meetings are often experienced as unproductive, frustrating, even boring. What does the Bible have to say about how to lead meetings within an organization? How can you increase management capacity and profitability through meetings while still serving your employees? Do you want to lead life-giving meetings that transform your company culture?

From bad meeting habits to chaos in your company, prepare to be challenged to develop your character in ways that disrupt the old way of doing things. Can your company afford to stay the same? Discover the necessary ingredients for synergistic discussion that puts people first and keeps everyone connected and focused.

At a loss on how to change what frustrates you about your meetings? The tools taught in this book will transform your meeting culture one skill at a time. Learn alongside other serving leaders as they share their stories in the school of hard knocks. Uncover how to run meetings that embody Christian values and increasingly exhibit efficiency and effectiveness.

What this guide offers:

  • Biblical perspectives on meetings with examples of serving leaders in the Bible
  • stories from Anabaptist (Amish, Mennonite, and German Baptist) businesses revealing success and failure in their meetings
  • a business meeting model that will help you custom design a meeting system for your company (no matter the size)
  • five steps to develop and implement critical skills that will change your meeting culture
  • step-by-step guides detailing everything you need to know about leading two of the most important meetings within your company

This guide promises to challenge you right where you are and give you the tools you need to overcome meeting difficulties and fulfill your leadership call to serve others in the Kingdom.

Serving Leader's Guide to Annual Strategic Planning

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