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Geryll Zehr

Geryll Zehr

“Geryll is the sort of friend that invites me to just hash things out. His common sense is extraordinary. His review of my content identified the fluff and fog and helped me keep the content in layman’s terms. Additionally, Geryll has a sensitive, artistic side to him. He reviews content with an eye toward literature, poetry, and the finer artistic side of things.”

-Merle Herr

Geryll Zehr resides in Meadville, PA, along with his wife Carla and four children. They are active members at Meadville Mennonite Chapel and as a family enjoy exploring the great outdoors and spending time with friends. Geryll is the owner of a residential and commercial real estate rental business, Northstar Rentals, and also does video and photography work on the side. In addition, Geryll serves as a board member for Anabaptist Perspectives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Biblical, historical, and theological discussions through digital media.

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