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We help serving leaders learn through practical guides and tools so they can fulfill their leadership call in the Kingdom of God.

Leadership Is Challenging

Do you want to stop the cycle of only learning from the school of hard knocks?

Are you worried about missing the mark as a leader and serving below your potential?

Do you want to grow faster by learning from others? Are you tired of figuring things out alone?

Let's Learn Together

  • grasp Biblical perspectives on serving leadership
  • learn right alongside Anabaptist business leaders
  • gain insight into the struggles of becoming and growing as a leader
  • experience the simplicity of step-by-step guides that save you time and lessen the learning curve
  • receive wisdom from experts that guide your leadership transformation

From the Author: Merle Herr

“If you’re like me, you’ve felt the difficulty of being a leader capable of doing what you know is the best practice or the right thing to do. For me, knowledge about leadership ideas, principles, and practices often outpaces my ability to make applications and execute on what I know. I’ve been humbled by failure and surprised at how long it takes to fully apply the key leadership practices. Serving through the role of leadership is challenging, particularly the sort that cuts against the grain of position, pride, and prestige. Radical Christian leadership prefers others above oneself, sacrifices for sake of others, and helps followers tap into their potential. This is the Christian way—the way Jesus taught and lived. Humility coupled with serving is the trademark of true leadership. This high road of leadership is a lifelong journey to grow to one’s full stature in Christ. It’s a journey of continual repentance and transformation.”

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Steps to Transformation

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The Serving Leader's Guide to Effective Meetings

A how-to guide detailing what you need to know about running meetings with a servant’s heart. Whether leading in the for-profit or nonprofit sector, this guide will illuminate the next steps to take your leadership to the next level.

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