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Steven Brubaker

Steven Brubaker

“Steve has offered a deep friendship to me over the last twenty-five years. Over time, no one has reshaped and tweaked my theological understandings like Steve. His influence was stitched into the content I’ve written. I’ve attempted to represent his Biblical sharpness, worldview, and his critical eye for Anabaptist theology. Steve also helped me eliminate humanistic and self-serving leadership philosophy from my content.”

-Merle Herr


Steven Brubaker was born in Harrisonburg, VA, and grew up on a farm near Barnwell, SC. After his school years at Berea Christian, Denmark-Olar Public, and Barnwell Mennonite, he spent 2 years of voluntary service at Choice Books of Northern Virginia. He earned an A.S. in Electronics Engineering from Midlands Technical School (1991-1993) and a B.S. in Bible from Columbia International University (1986-1993). He also attended Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute (1984). For 10 years he was teacher and principal at Barnwell Mennonite. During this time he also started Computer Solutions, a computer retail and service company in Barnwell. Steven taught at FBEP for 2 summers (1997, 1998) before moving to Faith Builders in 1999.

Steven and Cynthia were married on June 27, 1987. They have 5 children: Kyle, Desirée, Antoine, Travis, and Courtney. Their five children are all married. They have eleven grandchildren. The Brubakers are members of Shalom Mennonite Church. The Brubaker family enjoys reading, traveling, and spending evenings with family and friends. They want to participate in the coming of the Kingdom in and through their family, enabling each one to become a whole person who is equipped to serve the church.

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